Brewery Experience and Brewers Reputation

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2 min readFeb 28, 2022

There have been a number of new updates and tweaks made to the protocol regarding how BREWERY experience is distributed, and how to earn reputation.

Let’s jump into this!

Finalized BREWERY NFT images (left to right; Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 respectively)

Brewery Experience

BREWERYs earn experience passively based on how long they’ve been producing MEAD.

To help encourage people to not claim, there is a fermentation period.

This is the amount of time after every claim where BREWERYs won’t earn any experience. It is an important mechanic, as it means people who claim often will not reach higher tiers, and they wont become higher MEAD earners!

The fermentation period is 14-days.

BREWERYs earn experience at a rate of 100 a day, and it requires more and more experience for each Tier that they are upgraded to.

  • To reach Tier 2, you have to be producing MEAD for 14-days after the fermentation period!
  • To reach Tier 3, you have to be producing MEAD for 28-days after reaching Tier 2!

This means to get a Tier 3 BREWERY, you have to be producing for 56-days straight without claiming!

Future Tiers will be added!

Brewers Reputation (BR)

Brewers reputation (BR) is a system that is put in place to incentivize people to do good things in the land of The Tavern.

Each wallet is associated with a reputation, and the higher your reputation the less tax you pay on claims. To read more about the intracies, head to our docs:

These are the following ways you can earn reputation:

  • Buying BREWERYs for MEAD (+10 BR)
  • Buying BREWERYs for USDC (+20 BR)
  • Buying BREWERYs for LP tokens (+30 BR)
  • Every day not claiming past the fermentation period (+20 BR a day)
  • Staking MEAD-USDC LP in the tavern (+50 per $1,000 in value)

Gaining BR helps you advance up the ranks to become an exalted BREWER!

Here are the classes:

  • Novice (0–50 BR): They pay 18% tax on claims
  • Brewer (50–500 BR): They pay 16% tax on claims
  • Brewlord (500–2500 BR): They pay 14% tax on claims
  • Brewmaster (2500+ BR): They pay 12% tax on claims

Buying 100 BREWERYs for MEAD, and not claiming for 75 days makes you a brewmaster!

Or, buying 25 BREWERYs for MEAD-USDC LP, and not claiming for 87 days makes you a brewmaster!

Or, buying 10 BREWERYs for MEAD and staking $48,000 worth of LP tokens makes you immedietely a brewmaster!

We will be looking at ways to expand on the BR system in the future!

Remember, we are always here to collect any questions you may have in our Discord:

Have a good day!