Claiming / Compounding to update your BR and XP levels.

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6 min readApr 5, 2022


As we are now well over 14-days from launch (11th of March), we have many Brewers that may be looking to update their Brewer’s Reputation for days-not-claimed beyond the fermentation period. We also will have people looking to pick up some BREWERY XP to advance the tiers of their BREWERYs!

With the new dApp UI being rolled out, BREWERYs that have passed the fermentation period without claiming are highlighted in an orange border and are prompted with the message “Fermented! Claiming will gain you: [BR and XP]”.

This will show in the Inventory Tab of the dApp.

Let’s dive in to what this means, and why it is required.

Brewer’s Reputation and BREWERY XP require a smart contract interaction to update.

One of the main questions that we’ve seen being asked is “Why is my BR not increasing automatically?”.

Due to the way the solidity code works, it requires a smart contract to be interacted with in order for BR to update for that given wallet. This is why, when a Brewer adds or removes LP tokens to/from the staking pool, their BR value will update with this interaction.

The best way to understand this is to view BR and XP (gained after the fermentation period has completed) as “pending” before a smart contract interaction has occurred which then adds it.

Brewers Reputation (BR)

As stated in the gitbook docs, a wallet will begin building up a pending +20BR per day for each day beyond the “global” fermentation period.

The “global” fermentation period is fixed at 14-days, rather than the specific fermentation period which can change based on the renovations that a specific BREWERY has.

This global fermentation period is account wide, meaning it’s reset on any claim a user makes. So whether you claim 1 BREWERY, or all of them, your global fermentation period will reset.

Once the Brewer compounds or claims, their pending reputation gets added onto their Brewers Reputation value.

Brewery Experience (XP)

When it comes to pending XP, individual BREWERYs begin building up pending XP for every second beyond the “specific” fermentation period.

Each BREWERY has its own “specific” fermentation period, which is reset if the BREWERY has been claimed from.

The “specific” fermentation period has a base of 14-days, but this can be reduced by a BREWERYs renovations (such as turbo yeast).

When you “Claim All”, this will reset the fermentation period of every single one of your BREWERYs

This pending XP will only be added to the BREWERYs once they have either been used to compound or have been claimed from.

Is there a difference between Compounding or Claiming to update my BR / XP?


If you Compound to update your BR / XP, you will not be subject to the claim tax and you will gain +10BR for each BREWERY you create when compounding.

Alternatively, if you Claim you will be subject to the claim tax based on your BR Class:


Brewer Scenarios

Let’s take a look at some potential scenarios for Brewers that are looking to strategise in different ways:

Billy the Brewer has purchased a BREWERY from The Tavern dApp using MEAD he has bought from TraderJoe. Billy wants to upgrade this BREWERY to Tier 3 as fast as possible.

For this to occur, Billy must wait for a total of 56 days without once claiming or compounding from his BREWERY. For the first 14 days, his BREWERY is in the fermentation period.
After this, he will begin to gain a pending +20BR per day and his BREWERY will gain a pending 86,400 XP per day (taking into account that Billy is neither Compounding nor Claiming each day).
When Billy checks The Inventory page on the Tavern dApp, he can see the “Fermented! Claiming will gain you” message.

After another 14 days, Billy will have amassed enough pending XP (1,209,600) on his BREWERY to be able to upgrade it to Tier 2.
If he wished to do this he would use the Claim function, as with only 1 BREWERY he would not have enough MEAD to compound with.
As Billy wishes to get to Tier 3 on his BREWERY as quickly as possible, he does not claim.

Billy must now wait another 28-days beyond this point, gaining 86,400 pending XP per day until he is at 3,628,800 pending XP total. At this point, Billy can either Compound or Claim to upgrade his BREWERY straight from Tier 1 to Tier 3.

Assuming that a BREWERY costs 110 MEAD (at current batch price), and Billy has amassed 112 MEAD in his BREWERY from not claiming for 56 days (at 2 MEAD per day for a Tier 1 BREWERY)- Billy can now make use of the Compound function.

When using this function, Billy is NOT subject to the base claim tax of 18%, he gains 840 BR that has been pending from not claiming for 42 days beyond the fermentation period and he additionally gains another +10BR for creating a BREWERY using MEAD by Compounding.

Billy’s original BREWERY is now at Tier 3, earning him a wealthy 4 MEAD per day — and he also now owns an additional BREWERY at Tier 1. His Brewer’s Reputation is now at 860 total (10 for his first BREWERY, 840 gained from not claiming during this period, and 10 BR gained from compounding his second BREWERY) — making him a Brewlord!
If Billy now wishes to Claim his built up MEAD in his 2 BREWERYs, he will now be subject to a 14% claim tax instead of the 0 BR 18% claim tax.

Betty the Brewer has purchased 4 BREWERYs from The Tavern dApp using MEAD and would like to upgrade her BREWERYs to Tier 2 before first claiming so as to increase her Brewer’s Reputation and lower the claim tax before this.

For Betty’s BREWERYs to hit Tier 2, she must wait a total of 28-days from the date of their purchase before Compounding or Claiming.

After 14-days, Betty has surpassed the fermentation period, her BREWERYs will be highlighted in orange and she is greeted with the familiar message: “Fermented! Claiming will gain you…”.
She does not claim here as she wishes to begin gaining BR and XP for each day she does not claim her built-up MEAD.

After another 14-days, Betty has now gained a pending 1,209,600 XP on each of her BREWERYs — and 280 pending BR for her wallet (as this is done per wallet, not per BREWERY).
Betty also has a pending 224 MEAD ( (2 x 4) x 28 days), and so she uses the Compound function to avoid the 18% Claim tax that would occur if she were to claim when at the Novice level (as she would only have 40 BR) and creates two new BREWERYs for 110 MEAD each. The remaining 4 MEAD is taxed at this 18% claim tax rate and sent to her wallet (3.28 MEAD will arrive in her wallet).

The Compound function will:

  • Update her BREWERYs with their pending 1,209,600 XP each (14-days worth of XP) and upgrade them to Tier 2 (producing 3 MEAD per day each).
  • Add the pending 280 BR to her wallet, plus an additional 20 BR for the 2 BREWERYs she has created using MEAD to increase her class to “Brewer”.

After compounding, her total BR will be 340:

  • +40BR for her initial 4 BREWERYs,
  • +280BR for the pending BR she gains
  • +20BR gained from compounding

Finally, Betty’s claim tax will now be 16% if she chooses to claim the pending MEAD rewards her tier 2 BREWERYs produce.

If Betty wishes for her BREWERYs to reach Tier 3, she must now wait another 42-days as Compounding will reset the fermentation period on her BREWERYs.

Hopefully this article has made the system for BR and XP gain more clear to any Taverner looking to strategise and build their game strategy! If you have any further questions or queries, don’t hesitate to pop into our Discord and ask around!

Cheers! 🍻