Compounding your BREWERYs

The Tavern
2 min readMar 13, 2022


With the success of our launch and over 10,000 BREWERYs producing MEAD at the time of writing. A lot of Brewers will be looking to reinvest their MEAD into more BREWERY to increase their long term yield!

Tier 1, 2, 3 BREWERYs

What is Compounding?
Compounding means you can use your produced MEAD to Build yourself another BREWERY without having to claim the MEAD first.

Why is this better then claiming?
The primary benefit to this is that it allows you to not have to pay tax on claiming your MEAD. In theory increasing the efficiency of your MEAD production!
However doing this does reset your FERMENTATION period back to the start.

How Do You Compound?

First you need to head to where you will be able to see all the BREWERYs you own and how much MEAD you have produced.
When you have produced 100 MEAD you will be able to press ‘Compound All’ and this will bring up a MetaMask pop up to sign off the transaction.
This removes 100 MEAD from your first BREWERY then second and so on until it has recovered the 100 MEAD need to make the investment for a new one. (This means only the same BREWERYs will have there Fermentation period reset.
Your new BREWERY will now appear on the dApp!

Can You Infinitely Compound New BREWERYs?
There is a cap on the number off BREWERYs one wallet can own. This is set at 50!

If you have any further questions please join our discord server and ask are amazing community of Brewers for help!