Introducing a new style of DeFi: The Tavern

The Tavern is a passive income protocol that improves upon current node projects, by combining gamification, NFTs and a treasury-backed token to reward participants sustainably over the long term.

The protocol allows users to purchase BREWERYs, which continually produce MEAD at a fixed rate — for life!

A node token is a type of token which is rewarded at a fixed rate to purchased “nodes”.

What makes this different?

We are all so early to the world of crypto & DeFi that it’s important that we all play a role in helping grow and nurture these markets in their infancy, and to do this is to innovate.

Innovation is to take something that works, and fix it

Usually when a new project takes off, it invites a lot of copy-cats and cash-grabs to try ride off the wave of people who missed out and are looking for that next big hit, and this can end up exhausting the market.

Getting rugged constantly, or buying into “fart in the wind” projects is pretty damn exhausting!

This is the sole reason for creating The Tavern, to provide a place where people can come together, trust, and relax from the intensity of the market.

What do node-forks get right?

Let’s first look at some of the reasons why we feel people are drawn to this style of project:

They are incredibly easy to understand.

  • While the barrier for entry remains quite high in general for crypto, the idea of simply buying this thing that generates you money over time is a lot more straight forward.
  • That is why we have gone the extra step of adding a theme, backstory and gamification aspects to our protocol, as games are an incredibly useful tool in education.
  • This way it isn’t just easy to understand, but also fun.

They have fixed rewards.

  • The idea of a fixed reward is incredibly exciting.
  • Often in competitive staking pools, the APR% gets reduced substantially to something that ends up boring people and causing them to move on.
  • Keeping a fixed reward is important, as it implies scalability into mass adoption.

They are a passive strategy.

  • The term “passive income” has become a meme, and rightly so!
  • The idea of being able to put your money to work, and then go and binge a Netflix show (or go to the Tavern for a drink with your friends!) is what makes this whole thing so exciting.
  • I am not sure about you, but we personally don’t like sitting on a 1m chart with beads of sweat on our foreheads!

What are the current drawbacks with node-forks?

While the node structure is incredibly inviting (who doesn’t like a lifetime fixed APR?!), we have observed certain drawbacks that these protocols come with.

They have unrealistically high APRs.

  • This unrealistically high APR is always met with a reduction in rewards a few weeks down the line.
  • This can lead to dumping, or people moving away from the protocol in search of new heights.
  • An APR is only worth its number if it holds there for a whole year.
  • Psychologically, a drop from 10,000% to 2,000% APR is crushing, but an increase from 2,000% to 10,000% is amazing. At the end of the day, 2,000% APR is GOOD!

You lose your initial capital.

  • A main sticking point, is that these node projects require you to put money upfront which you don’t get back, as there isn’t a way to sell these nodes back.
  • This means you only hit green after a certain amount of days, and the idea of being locked in can be daunting.
  • This is the main reason for creating nodes that are NFTs — you can transfer them or sell them on the open market!

Lack of attention to liquidity.

  • Perhaps the most critical of all points that we see projects not giving enough attention to is Liquidity.
  • Liquidity is incredibly important, as it provides value to the token for the coming days.
  • Across current projects there is far too little attention towards growing the liquidity and strengthening the token, which is where the true value is derived from.
  • Ensuring that there are proper systems in place to help improve liquidity both in the short term, and the long term, is what sets this project apart.

The Solution is The Tavern

The Tavern is not a fork. It is its own fresh protocol.

It is a passive income protocol, and the next evolution in the chain of projects. Combing all of the best aspects of what works, and fixes what doesn’t.

We will explain more in future blog posts, but for now we must go tend to the tavern!

“Yes sir, two tankards of our finest mead coming right up!”

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The Tavern

The Tavern

Brew MEAD with special yield-bearing NFTs