The Brewers Guild: The governers of the tavern

The Tavern
2 min readFeb 19, 2022

While the Taverns Keep is responsible for running the operations, they wouldn’t have got very far without their esteemed council that made it all possible: The Brewers Guild!

Todays shorter blog post will dive into what The Brewers Guild is, what it could mean for you, and the plans we have for it in the future!

What is The Brewers Guild?

The Brewers Guild is a group of taverners that help govern the protocol, keeping it fresh and ensuring that the needs of the people are met.

To become part of the guild, one must own a BREWERY.

The designs for the Brewery NFT

Being a part of the guild lets you create proposals that define a change or solution that you’d like to see. This could be things such as:

  • Increasing the LP token discount
  • Adding new BREWERY tiers
  • Changing the yield of higher BREWERY tiers

Guild members can then vote on proposals and their voting power is proportional to the amount of MEAD they hold across their wallets & breweries.

Buying and holding more MEAD means you’re incentivized to act in good faith towards the needs of the protocol.

The proposal system is important, as it creates an expectation for the Taverns Keep to consider and implement these changes, especially if there is a strong consensus. This allows the community, and the guild, to ensure trust is kept between the Taverns Keep and it’s people.

Voting power is linked to your Brewers Reputation

An individuals voting power isn’t a simple 1:1 to their MEAD balance, as we also tie things into your brewers reputation (BR).

The equation for calculating voting power works like so:

votePower = 1.025 ^ (reputation / 100)

This means brewers who are Brewmaster’s (2500 BR) and hold 10000 MEAD will have a voting power of 18500 (85% increase), as opposed to a fresh wallet holding the same amount that would have a voting power of 10000.

Other benefits of being part of The Brewers Guild

It isn’t just a governance system, but it is also an exclusive group for our loyal brewers.

This means that guild members will have access to an exclusive channel on the Discord server, and be the first people to receive special guild-only giveaways, such as renovations for your BREWERYs, special BREWERY skins and even further exclusive NFT drops.

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