The Tavern Presale Guide: Part 2

Concept art for the evil BREWERY skin!

The idea of The Tavern was to buy BREWERYs, and use these to produce MEAD — and this should be the go-to strategy for the vast majority of our taverners.

So what are we changing?

Why is this good?

How is this all going to work?

First of all let’s talk about the whitelisted presale

The unlock period is 10% every day, starting immedietely after launch.

This means that you can convert 10% of your xMEAD on launch, then 20% of your xMEAD on the second day and so on.

You can store it, or convert it each day — its up to you. However, you can always purchase available BREWERYs with your xMEAD (even after launch), and the discount will remain at 10%!

If you have any more questions about the Whitelisted presale, please come join the Discord and ask us your questions!

So how is the public presale going to work?

On a 10x, which is not uncommon for node projects, this is still an incredibly cheap entry point! (Not to mention that you can sell the BREWERYs, and they also earn you MEAD for life!)

“Do you want one sweet now, or two sweets tomorrow?”

Secondary marketplaces



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