The Tavern Presale Guide: Part 2

Concept art for the evil BREWERY skin!

The idea of The Tavern was to buy BREWERYs, and use these to produce MEAD — and this should be the go-to strategy for the vast majority of our taverners.

So what are we changing?

The public presale will no longer offer xMEAD as a receipt token for individuals, and instead will let them purchase BREWERYs directly using their USDC.

Why is this good?

Removing the xMEAD presale token will prevent bots, short-term whales and other malicious entities from perma-dumping their investments on launch which will mean more money, and more rewards for everyone.

How is this all going to work?

First of all let’s talk about the whitelisted presale

The whitelisted presale takes place later today at 7pm UTC. There is 400000 xMEAD tokens, priced at $0.90 each (raise aim of $360,000).

If you have any more questions about the Whitelisted presale, please come join the Discord and ask us your questions!

So how is the public presale going to work?

The public presale will be offering the open market the ability to purchase (mint) BREWERYs at fixed prices in USDC.

  • First batch: 2,000 ($100 USDC each)
  • Second batch: 1,800 ($200 USDC each)
  • Third batch: 1,200 ($300 USDC each)
  • Fourth batch: 800 ($400 USDC each)
  • Fifth & Final batch: 400 ($500 USDC each)

“Do you want one sweet now, or two sweets tomorrow?”

Having a slowly increasing price, means that we can price BREWERYs in before launch and raise enough capital to add extra USDC to the liquidity reserves!

Secondary marketplaces

On a slightly unrelated note, I wanted to just quickly talk about secondary marketplaces.



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