Upgrading Your BREWERY

The Tavern
4 min readMar 16, 2022


With over 11,000 BREWERYs producing MEAD at the time of writing, Each Brewer is looking into building new and innovative ways to make their BREWERYs the most efficient in the land.

What can be done to increase the efficiency of your BREWERYs?
There are two main ways Brewers can increase the efficiency of their BREWERYs. These are; to increase the Daily Production of each BREWERY and to decrease the Fermentation Period of of each BREWERY.

How can Brewers get these upgrades?
These upgrades require an upfront investment of MEAD. As with any investment you are looking at increasing your long term returns! You can purchase them from - https://dapp.tavern.money/store

Increasing the production of your BREWERY?
Currently there are two upgrades available to increase the output of your BREWREY. The first method is to get some Reinforced Vats onto your BREWERY and the second is to invest into some Metal Kegs.

Reinforced Vats - This Upgrade increases the Production Rate of your Brewery by 5%. The cost of this upgrade is 10 MEAD.
So lets see the impact this has on the different BREWERY Tiers:
Tier 1: 2 MEAD => 2.1 MEAD
Tier 2: 3 MEAD => 3.15 MEAD
Tier 3: 4 MEAD => 4.2 MEAD

Metal Kegs - This Upgrade increases the Production Rate of your BREWERY by 10%. The cost of this upgrade is 30 MEAD.
The effect this has on different BREWERY Tiers is as follows:
Tier 1: 2 MEAD => 2.2 MEAD
Tier 2: 3 MEAD => 3.3 MEAD
Tier 3: 4 MEAD => 4.4 MEAD

Reducing the time of your FERMENTATION PERIOD?
There are three ways to reduce the output of your BREWREY. The first method is to add Cool Fermentation onto your BREWERY, the second is to invest into Warm Fermentation and the final way is to swap out your standard yeast for Turbo Yeast. This benefits the Brewer by decreasing the time period it takes to begin earning XP again after a claim.

Cool Fermentation - Introducing Cool Fermentation into your MEAD production gives a slight reduction in fermentation time by 5%. Cool Fermentation costs 25 MEAD
Time reduction: 14 Days => 13.3 Days

Warm Fermentation - Upgrading your fermentation process to Warm Fermentation, speeds up the fermentation period by 10%. Cool Fermentation costs 60 MEAD
Time reduction: 14 Days => 12.6 Days

Turbo Yeast - Turbo Yeast is the fastest way to end your fermentation period. Turbo Yeast is a new and revolutionary type of Yeast which reduces the fermentation by 15%. Turbo Yeast costs 150 MEAD
Time reduction: 14 Days => 11.9 Days

What happens after you purchase an upgrade?
Once you have bought the upgrade of your choice you must head to — https://dapp.tavern.money/ to apply it. Then scroll to the BREWERY you wish to apply the upgrade to and click Upgrade

Then on the drop down bar, select which upgrade to apply and confirm this buy pressing the Use button

(UPGRADES DO NOT STACK FROM THE SAME CATEGORY ON THE SAME BREWERY, i.e. if you have a Metal Kegs upgrade on one BREWERY you cannot add Reinforced Vats to increase the multiplier)

(YOU CAN HOWEVER UPGRADE YOUR RENOVATION FROM A LOWER UPGRADE TO A HIGHER VALUED UPGRADE BUT NEVER FROM A HIGHER TO A LOWER. i.e. if you have a Reinforced Vats upgrade to can improve this to a Metal Kegs upgrade. It would just discard the Reinforced Vats.)

That’s it, You now know how to make your individual BREWERYs more efficient!
If you have any questions please feel free to drop into our Discord server and ask your fellow Brewers - https://discord.gg/tavernskeep